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Adam and Eve: Christmas

About Adam and Eve: Christmas

Adam and Eve: Christmas is a special version of the game Adam and Eve. Join Adam to collect all the gifts in the game and bring them home to Eve!

In this Christmas version of the famous game, we will continue to meet the main character couple, Adam and Eve. In particular, Christmas is coming, and the cavemen Adam and Eve are also busy preparing for this year-end holiday season. While Eve is responsible for decorating the house, Adam is in charge of searching for and bringing home Christmas gifts from everywhere.

Accompany Adam in Adam and Eve: Christmas

Collect the gifts

In Adam and Eve: Christmas, gifts are scattered everywhere in the land where the cavemen live. Your mission is to redirect Adam so he can reach and collect them all and then bring them home to Eve.

In particular, players should note that because this is pristine forest land, there are many dangerous creatures such as snakes, rhinos or even dinosaurs. You need to be careful not to be killed by them. In addition, try to come up with reasonable solutions to open doors that are safe passages.

Controls: The player can use the arrow keys to navigate the Adam character in the game.

Tips for players in Adam and Eve: Christmas

  • Players have 3 lives to maintain the game. However, you need to be careful and save money to avoid having the game suddenly stop.
  • Venomous snakes will have sleep and wake times. Wait until it sleeps and passes by so you don't get bitten.
  • Find the key to open the gate, and move the turtle to unlock the security system.
  • Based on the suggestions of the Buddha to find the answer, etc.

Platform to play Adam and Eve: Christmas - Super Mario 64 website.