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MarioDash is a fast-paced game that combines Mario and Geometry Dash game. Control a Mario-shaped cube to conquer the challenging racetrack.

About MarioDash

Welcome players to the super exciting world of MarioDash! If you are a fan of Super Mario 64, Flappy Bird, or Geometry Dash, you will find it hard to resist the appeal of this exciting game. Will you join us in conquering the heights of MarioDash? Let's start the game now!


Coming to this game, players will see the familiarity with the layout of the Geometry Dash series of games. But you will also enjoy the upgrades and improvements because it has been inspired and combined with the images of Mario games.

You'll control a Mario-shaped cube, running, jumping, and even flying in MarioDash's maps. The player's task is to avoid dangerous obstacles and reach the destination.

How to control

You can click the mouse to control your cube.

Traps in MarioDash

These game improvements will give you and Mario the opportunity to work together to overcome dangers. Don't let your character get hit by man-eating flowers, rockets, spikes, or high walls.

In addition to traps, gamers can receive support from power-ups. Although they are just small power-ups, their power is enormous and will help you a lot.

  • Wings: Help your cube fly in the air.
  • Mysterious gift boxes: Helps players receive random power-ups. Collect all the coins that appear, for example.