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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is a fun game. As usual, the main character Mario's mission is to run with him on a cool green plateau, collecting as many coins as possible.

Super Mario Run Online Game

Description of the game

Welcome to the vast and beautiful world of Super Mario Run! Perhaps anyone has played Super Mario 64 and seen images of Mario too many times. Today, we will continue with one of the super exciting Mario games called Super Mario Run.

In this game, Mario's castle was burned down. The fire even spread outward. The player's task is to help Mario escape from that fire. However, on the vast plateau, there are also countless challenges. The player needs to be very calm to help him overcome all obstacles.

Rules of Super Mario Run

The game takes the classic side-scrolling platformer gameplay of the Super Mario series and adapts it for one-handed play on mobile devices. In the game, Mario runs automatically from left to right, and players control his jumps and movements by tapping the screen. The longer you touch the screen, the higher Mario jumps.


  • For mobile users: tap the screen to help Mario jump.
  • For PC users: click the mouse.

Collect coins in Super Mario Run

During the run, Mario will encounter coins, players need to collect as many coins as possible. Because those coins can help you buy masks for your Mario character. This can be considered one of the highlights of the game. While Mario is the primary playable character, players can unlock other characters' masks like Luigi, Toad, Toadette, and Yoshi as they progress through the game. You can put a mask of their shape on Mario, it will be very interesting!

Super Mario Run was generally well-received for its accessibility and for bringing the charm of Mario to mobile devices.