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Super Mario All Stars

Super Mario All Stars is a compilation of some classic Mario games. It includes enhanced remakes of four of the most iconic Mario games. Start exploring games!

Super Mario All Stars Introduction

Some information about the game

The games in Super Mario All-Stars feature updated graphics, enhanced audio, and improved gameplay compared to their original counterparts. This compilation was a significant release for the SNES and allowed players to experience these classic Mario adventures with improved visuals and sound.

It can be said that the games in this Mario games compilation are like an upgraded version of itself. Bringing perfect details, and wonderful moments of relaxation. Additionally, you might also enjoy Super Mario 64, a Mario game that deserves attention.

Control instructions

Similar to the previously introduced Mario games, players can completely master the control panel of Super Mario All Stars. You will also set the control panel to suit you as best as possible.

Games included in Super Mario All Stars

Super Mario

The original Super Mario game was released for the NES in 1985. In this game, players control Mario as he embarks on a quest to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser, the main antagonist.

Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels

This is essentially the Japanese version of "Super Mario Bros. 2," which was considered too difficult for international audiences at the time of its original release. It features challenging levels and gameplay variations compared to the first game.

Super Mario 2

The Western version of Super Mario 2 which was quite different from the original Japanese release. It introduced unique gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to select from four different characters, each with their own abilities, and a focus on exploration and puzzle-solving.

Super Mario 3

Often considered one of the best platformers of all time, Super Mario 3 introduces a world map, power-ups like the Super Leaf and Super Mushroom, and a variety of new enemies and gameplay mechanics.

Super Mario World

Do you remember the game Mario in Dinosaur Land? It will also be available as a subgame within the platform. Complete assigned tasks, and explore the land of dinosaurs and mysteries. You can even ride a dinosaur all the way. Wish you happy gaming!