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Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat brings players to a fascinating puzzle platform. You need to catch the cat so that it cannot run out of your trap. Are you ready?

About Trap The Cat

Game rules

This is a strategy game combined with puzzles. The player's goal is to block the cat's path so it cannot run out, and then catch it.

In Trap The Cat, a black cat wanders into an area that is being trapped. The trap is designed with checkable boxes. With each box checked, the cat will not be able to move onto it. Therefore, it will be the weapon for you to conquer the game and catch this cat. Players will take turns marking around the board so that the cat cannot escape from it.

Control instructions

The player uses the mouse to mark and build a wall to trap the black cat.

Tips and Tricks to Play Trap The Cat

  • You and the cat take turns.
  • During your turn, you can mark an unreachable tile for the cat, then the cat makes a single move to a neighboring reachable tile.
  • You win if you can successfully surround the cat.
  • You relax if the cat escapes the hexagonal grid.
  • The player should check the far boxes first, gradually blocking the cat's direction.