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Duck Life

Duck Life is an exciting adventure game. You have to grow a duck and train it to be a great racer in order to compete against other ducks in the game.

About Duck Life

Are you ready to play Duck Life - an extremely fun duck training game, attracting hundreds of millions of plays worldwide? Explore it now!

The story of Duck Life

Coming to this excellent game, you have a sizable farm that is producing a ton of money. One day, a tornado strikes and obliterates everything. A single duck egg is the only thing that makes it through. To enough earn money to renovate the farm, you must teach this duckling to race. Can you complete this goal? Follow the information below before starting the game and let us know the results!

Training ducklings

You will train your duckling through many mini-games including running, swimming, and flying. Then you proudly watch it compete in tournaments with rival ducks, explore exciting worlds, and learn new things. Finally, put your duckling on the track against the champion duck, win, be crowned, and get eternal glory. This will be the most difficult life for ducks ever.

How to Level Up Duckling

The simplest way to help your duckling become better and better with more proficient and skilled skills is to practice regularly. If you help the duckling practice many skills such as swimming, running, or flying, the level of each skill will increase accordingly.

However, the energy level alone will be different. To be able to level up the duckling's energy in Duck Life, players need to use coins to buy food and feed it.

Outstanding Features of The Game Duck Life

  • Fight other ducks to earn coins and tickets to tournaments.
  • Many different duck worlds, including grasslands, swamps, mountains, glaciers, cities, and volcanoes.
  • Dress your duck in unique outfits like hats or hairstyles. You can get them at the game's store.
  • Lovely characters.
  • Outstanding graphics.
  • Attractive music.

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