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Flappy Bird is a popular and addictive mobile game developed by a Vietnamese programmer and released in 2013. You control a bird to fly and avoid obstacles.

What is Flappy Bird?

Flappy Bird gained widespread attention and notice for its simple yet challenging gameplay. Have you ever played this game? Enjoy it now and you will know why this game is so popular despite its decades of existence.

Simple Gameplay

Flappy Bird had incredibly straightforward gameplay. Players controlled a bird character and had to navigate it through a series of pipes or obstacles by tapping the screen to make the bird flap its wings. The goal was to fly as far as possible while avoiding collisions. The more pipes you avoid, the more points you get.


To control the bird in this game, the player will use the computer mouse. Clicking the mouse will cause the bird to flap its wings and fly. In particular, Flappy Bird can be played on both PC and mobile. For mobile devices such as smartphones, players just need to touch the screen to help the yellow bird fly.

Here are some key points about Flappy Bird

Challenging Difficulty: The game's difficulty was a significant factor in its popularity. The timing required to successfully navigate the bird through the narrow gaps between pipes was extremely precise, leading to many surprising but addictive gameplay sessions.

Rapid Rise to Popularity: Flappy Bird went viral shortly after its release due to its addictive nature and the challenge it presented to players. It quickly climbed the app store charts and gained a massive player base.

Anyway, Flappy Bird remains a famous example of how a simple, addictive game can achieve massive popularity in the mobile gaming market. When mentioning such a legendary game, I suddenly remember Super Mario 64 and want to introduce it to gamers. I believe this game will not disappoint you, check it out now!