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Going Balls

Going Balls is a 3D graphics-based arcade game. On the wooden aerial track, roll your ball while attempting to gather as many coins as you can.

Going Balls Introduction

Welcome to Going Balls where you control a ball rolling on an endless road with countless obstacles. Don't let your ball fall out of the way!

Play Going Balls Online

How to play the game Going Balls is very simple, just swipe on the screen. Swipe up to make the ball move faster, swipe down to make the ball run slower, and swipe left - right to control the direction of the ball rolling.

On the way, you will control the ball to collect gold coins, keys, and other balls. However, the endless road with many twists and turns or steep slopes is a challenge that you need to overcome.

Different types of balls

You can play electric ball, football, lollipop, watermelon, basketball,... The balls are not limited to only round objects but also bomb balls, chests, hamburgers... But you can only open them. Lock them when you have a lot of coins in hand. To get coins you have to play a lot of levels and collect them in racing tracks.

Tips to play

All ages can have fun playing the tough game Going Balls. Here are a few pointers and tactics to help you master this game:

  • Make use of the walls. To advance to higher levels and get more points, you can bounce off the walls.
  • Collect the power-ups. In order to use them later, try to collect every power-up you come across. Especially lives will help you maintain the game longer.
  • You can even control the ball backwards to collect more items or avoid obstacles.

Outstanding features of the game Going Balls

Exciting obstacle

You are a ball rolling on a track full of dangerous obstacles. The track floats in the air and one wrong move can send you flying out in seconds. So, make sure you react fast enough to avoid them all and complete the track.

Countless obstacles are waiting for players ahead. For example, you must avoid swinging sledgehammers, horizontally rolling balls, or blocks that get in your way. Blue roads are when you will experience the most wonderful trip, with no obstacles in your way.

Collect rewards

In the game Super Mario 64, players need to control the character Mario to perform dangerous tasks. Meanwhile, like a ball, you don't have to run but just roll and avoid obstacles in Going Balls. Enjoy various levels and get lots of rewards. Players can collect keys on the track to unlock attractive gift chests. You will have the opportunity to receive more coins and unlock a variety of ball skins.

In addition, players can also collect balls to increase their lives. When you start playing Going Balls online, you have 5 lives to maintain the game. If you let your ball fall off the track more than 5 times, the game will be over. However, if you can collect balls and increase your life, you have a chance to conquer the challenge longer.

Graphics and sound


In terms of graphics, Going Balls is quite eye-catching with realistic designs of obstacles, maps or rolling balls, along with many bright colors that create a sense of enjoyment when experiencing.


In terms of sound, this game is vivid and realistic because the sound of the rolling ball is very similar to the sound of bowling balls rolling on the floor, and the sounds of Going Balls online create a bit of attraction, making players captivated as well as entertained.


Can I respawn in Going Balls?

Yes. If you accidentally fall off the path, don't worry, the balls collected during the move will help you continue your journey without having to start from the beginning.

Going Balls PC or mobile?

You can play the game with both versions. Control the ball with an easy one-finger swipe if you play on your smartphone. Meanwhile, you can use the mouse or WASD to move the ball if you play on PC.

How many levels does the game have?

With over 1000 levels in total, you'll never run out of new and exciting challenges to conquer.

Is there a time limit in this game?

Going Balls has no time limit, so you can completely play the game leisurely, as long as you can overcome the challenges.

Going Balls is an extremely attractive game that helps you have many interesting experiences anytime, anywhere with increasing difficulty later on. At the same time, it also increases your ability to conquer this game. Experience it right away. Wish you have wonderful moments of entertainment!