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Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64 is an exciting racing game. Accompany the characters in Super Mario to conquer attractive racing tracks. Can you become the champion?

About Mario Kart 64

Welcome all players to the racing game Mario Kart 64! This is considered one of the most popular kart racing games. Are you ready? Let's start the game!


In this game, players will participate in races of up to 8 people. Your task is to control your kart to overcome all dangerous obstacles while avoiding collisions to reach the finish line smoothly. Normally, each race will consist of 3 laps, at the end of those 3 laps, the player who reaches the finish line first will be the winner.


In fact, Mario Kart 64 cares deeply about the player experience. Before starting the game, you can customize the control panel to best suit you for the best experience. Wish you happy gaming!

Some facts about Mario Kart 64

Multiplayer mode

Mario Kart 64's racing tracks are extremely diverse. Players can fully experience the game themselves or with friends.

For 1-player mode, you will compete with 7 other players. They are the game's AI bots programmed to bring you relaxing moments. However, don't underestimate these automatic players, they are not bad at racing! Besides, when playing yourself, you can also choose the trial mode to practice.

In addition, there are 2-player, 3-player, and 4-player modes. The rules are similar, but in these modes, you can compete with your friends on the same device.

Characters in Mario Kart 64

If you have ever experienced Super Mario 64 or Super Mario World, you probably know the impressive characters in this Mario game series. Coming to Mario Kart 64, you will meet them again. Players can choose a character to accompany before entering the harsh race. Which character is your favorite, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi the Dinosaur, and many more? Furthermore, each different character will own that different kart.