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Crazy Roll 3D

Crazy Roll 3D is an exciting ball-rolling game. In this game, players will control their ball to conquer the track with countless dangerous obstacles.

About Crazy Roll 3D

Are you ready to take on a series of Crazy Roll 3D challenges? Twisted roads are waiting for you to conquer, join the game now!

Experience a special racetrack

Coming to Crazy Roll 3D, the player will be the one controlling a rolling ball on the game's special track. What is special about this racetrack? It is an extremely long racetrack that you cannot even imagine, it seems to be an endless racetrack.

On the game's track, players will conquer difficult challenges. Obstacles will appear and hinder you, either overcome them, or you will be defeated by them.

Control the ball

To control the ball, players will use the WASD keys or arrow keys. Additionally, you can also use 1, 2, or 3 keys to use power-ups. Don't forget that players can completely change these operations to suit themselves on the settings menu.

Items in Crazy Roll 3D


This is an extremely interesting item in the game. It will bring you many benefits. In Crazy Roll 3D, there are 3 power-ups, which are shields, magnets, and the 2x diamond power-ups. Their names speak for themselves about the effects of these power-ups:

  • Shield - helps players go through all challenges without worrying about being eliminated from the game. In other words, power-up shields will make you immortal for a short time.
  • Magnet - an item that helps increase diamonds. When using this power-up, diamonds wherever you go will be collected. It will help you focus more on overcoming obstacles without worrying about not having diamonds.
  • 2x diamonds - an item that increases wealth. Also has the effect of increasing diamonds, but 2x diamonds will not attract diamonds. Instead, during the time you use this item, the number of diamonds you collect will be x2.

Obstacles in Crazy Roll 3D

Besides power-ups, the obstacles in this game are also quite diverse, enough to make players cautious with them. The track in Crazy Roll 3D will surprise you with left or right tilts that cause the ball to roll out of orbit. If you like running games, Super Mario 64 is also not a bad suggestion. Accompany Mario and conquer all challenges!

In addition, there is another challenge such as blocks placed on the track. If the player collides with them, the player will lose.

Besides, the broken race tracks are also quite special and worth noting.

Balls's skins

Crazy Roll 3D provides players with a series of extremely diverse and attractive ball skins with many interesting colors and shapes. You can accumulate diamonds to buy and accompany them in the game's racing tracks. Ball skins include soccer, basketball, baseball, or even colorful globes, etc. In addition, diamonds can also be used to buy power-ups.