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Slope 3 - The Neon Tracks

Welcome to Slope 3, one of the best running games on the gaming market now! Roll with your neon ball on exciting and challenging races to get the highest score.

The game was released in 2021. Even though it has spent 2 years competing with many other games, Slope 3 still maintains its position on the rankings and in the hearts of gamers.

Your mission in the game

Coming to Slope 3, players will play with a ball on the air track. Your aim is to roll the ball as far as you can. The more distance you can get, the higher the score you reach. In addition, while playing this game, gamers also need to keep an eye out for dangerous obstacles. They can end your fun at any time, don't let those blocks interrupt this fun. Wish you happy gaming!

When it comes to running and exploring games, people often think of the Mario game series. Among them, Super Mario 64 is an extremely outstanding game. Have you experienced it yet? Give it a try!

How to play

Use the WASD or arrow keys to navigate the ball.

Get a high rank in Slope 3

Similar to some other running games like MarioDash, Slope 3 is also equipped with a leaderboard where excellent performance are honorable. As long as you achieve a high score, your name and score will be displayed on this leaderboard. However, players should note that Slope 3 is a hot game, with many players every day. Therefore, the rankings will also be regularly updated. If you want your name to stay up there, try to get a very high score, and come back to play the game regularly to beat all potential opponents.