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Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is booming in the game market. Confront thousands of dark creatures and try to survive until sunrise, that's what you need to do in the game.

About Vampire Survivors

It can be said that Vampire Survivors Online is a normal horror survival game, mixed with Gothic style with a bit of Roguelite, where you roll a snowball to fight against hundreds of monsters that are moving quickly toward you.

With nowhere to hide, you can only try to survive the cursed night, killing as many horrifying creatures as possible and collecting the emeralds that fall from them. Be sure, Death cannot master this war!

Tips and Tricks for playing Vampire Survivor

Tips for playing

  • Take your time to collect gems and items because they will last forever.
  • Only use 2 to 3 offensive weapons, don't take too many, instead, focus on general upgrades.
  • And don't forget the armor and lucky cards will give you a great start.
  • Use coins to unlock characters with greater power and upgrade your character's power.

Control the game

Players can use the arrow keys to move around the game's platforms. Besides, click the mouse to choose the power-ups.

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Several weapons are available in the game

  • The Song of Mana is an extremely powerful weapon, and as the player increases its range and upgrades its power, it will always work well until the end of the run. Players need to unlock Poppea Pecorina to use this weapon.
  • While it may cause players to miss out on some early experiences, the Pentagram is a great weapon with the ability to eliminate sets of enemies across the entire screen.
  • King Bible helps stop enemies by surrounding the player character and taking them down. Despite being a more defensive pick, it's still excellent.