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Bee Connect is an engaging puzzle game. Players combine numbers together to eliminate them while creating a larger number. Are you ready to join the game?

About Bee Connect

Welcome players to Bee Connect, the most exciting puzzle game today! With attractive gameplay and vivid graphics, this game has gradually asserted its position on the game rankings. Have you tried conquering it yet?

Enjoy the game

In the game, players will immerse themselves in a new world. There, a hive full of different numbers is waiting for you to explore. The player's task is to combine numbers together to make them disappear, creating space for other numbers to move more easily.

However, not all numbers can be combined together. Players also combine 4 or more of the same numbers, arranging them so they are next to each other. Then, the numbers will merge and create a new, larger number.


The more big numbers you create, the bigger the score you will get. Use the mouse to select the number and the position it will move to. In addition, players also need to note that, if the hive is filled with numbers, or the numbers cannot move any further, the game will end. Therefore, you need to have a reasonable mindset and strategy to conquer Bee Connect.

Note: Each time you move, if there is no combination of numbers, 5 random numbers will be sent to 5 random positions. That can cause difficulties for you during the game.

Skills in Bee Connect

Coming to this game, during the game, players will receive stars. Use those stars to buy and use useful skills in Bee Connect. You can refresh or remove numbers in the nest. They will help you aerate the hive and have more options and movement. Besides, if you are bored with logical thinking games, you like a game with adventure, that is definitely Super Mario 64. Give it a try!