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Garden Bloom is a farm game that combines interesting puzzles. Players need to collect stars to complete quests and rebuild the forgotten farm.

Description of Garden Bloom

Garden Bloom tells the story of Garden Bloom, a girl who loves flowers and plants. Since childhood, she has loved taking care of flowers. In a competition, despite her best efforts, she was unable to win the top prize for flower arranging. At that time, she remembered her grandfather, who was very talented in taking care of flowers and plants. Her grandfather even had a wonderful farm, but after he passed away, there was no one to take care of it.

Lucy accidentally found her grandfather's plant care book. She and Robert studied it and wanted to rely on that book to restore Lucy's grandfather's farm.

The player's mission in Garden Bloom


The book seemed to take Lucy to a completely different world where everything was wonderful. She was very surprised and excited about it. Right after that, she and Robert will carry out the small tasks suggested by the book to complete the biggest goal of restoring and developing her grandfather's flower garden.

In Garden Bloom, you will help them perform mini-tasks. Players need to collect as many stars as possible. With stars, you can complete quests and change areas in the garden. Grandpa's flower pots have withered. If you want to replace them with fresh, beautiful flowers, you need to accomplish these goals.

How to get stars?

Yes. The biggest question in Garden Bloom is how to get more stars. The answer lies in the book that Lucy found. It will lead you to a world full of flowers and leaves. There, you need to arrange flowers and leaves according to the requirements of each level. Each time you combine 3 or more identical flowers, they will disappear from the board. Even if you can combine 4 or more flowers, they will create great power-ups.

Players need to pay attention to the game's requirements to collect the right type of flowers or leaves and overcome challenges. You should remember that each level will have different requirements and a number of moves. If you run out of time or moves and you still haven't completed the mission, you will lose and have no stars. On the contrary, if you complete the challenge successfully, you can even get up to 3 stars.