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Skiing Fred is a unique and thrilling running game. To escape the pursuit of ghosts, you need to avoid obstacles and ski quickly away from dangerous areas.

Skiing Fred - Snow Mountain Escape

About Skiing Fred

As a mischievous and adventurous boy like Mario of Super Mario 64, Fred always wanted to explore strange lands. One day, he got lost in an extremely cold zombie land, where strange snowy mountains were guarded by scary ghosts. They will be ready to chase and destroy any stranger who enters their territory. And Fred is one of them, will you help him escape?

How to control

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Use the SPACEBAR to jump.

Play Skiing Fred Online Game

Your aims in the game

Your main mission is to run away. In fact, Skiing Fred is a game quite similar to Temple Run. The characters in both games, out of curiosity, go to a strange land to explore and are discovered and chased. Help Fred escape by skiing with rudimentary skis. Although rudimentary and simple, your skateboard will be very useful in escaping.

In particular, remember that in addition to the enemy chasing you behind you, the obstacles in front of you are also extremely dangerous. If they don't directly kill Fred, they can also cause him to fall and be captured and destroyed by the ghost. Be very careful and stay away from those obstacles!

Features of Skiing Fred

  • The land that Fred wants to explore is truly strange but no less interesting. There, you will come across many items that can help you. Collect those items to make your game more attractive.
  • You can even change vehicles like motorbikes, fly with giant birds, etc.
  • Collect skullies to buy more items in Skiing Fred's store. You can use them to buy power-ups such as gears or boost items.
  • Look out for the skullies also help you upgrade your strength of Fred.
  • Especially, players can unlock Fred's avatars and worlds for a more exciting adventure. Have a good time playing games!