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Slope Run brings a new but interesting experience to players. You can guide your ball in the game's special race, avoid obstacles, and conquer all levels.

How to enjoy Slope Run?

In this game, players will have a chance to immerse themselves in a virtual space. There, you will control a ball, help it roll over a lot of difficulties as well, and collect coins. The farther the ball rolls, the more coins and points you can get. Because you are exploring the universe, as long as the ball rolls into the gaps, it will immediately fall out. At that time, game over!

Control the game:

  • Up key = jump
  • Left arrow key = turn left
  • Right arrow key = turn right

Unique features in Slope Run

Infinite mode

Different from the normal mode when Slope Run, players can choose Infinite mode. So what is the difference between these two modes?

Level mode: When playing Slope Run in this mode, players will conquer each level of the game. You won't stop, but at the end of each race, the game will automatically take you to a higher level. Of course, then the difficulty will increase with more challenges, the track has more holes, and you need to be more careful. However, after each failure, you will return to the track at the latest level.

Infinite mode: True to its name, immersing yourself in this game mode, players will enjoy an endless race. Here, you will not be able to continue your conquest process like in level mode. However, players will enjoy a level with unique, and constantly changing designs.

Other feaures

  • Mini map: You can track your progress here. Have you visited any planets yet? When will your journey from planet to planet end? How far have you gone? The answers to the above questions will be available at Slope Run's mini map.
  • Leaderboard: This ranking will show the highlights of the best players. Can you put your name on this ranking?
  • Obstacles: Different from the obstacles in the game in the same series - Slope Multiplayer. Obstacles in Slope Run are gaps and holes on the track. Besides, there are a few positions on the track designed in brown that are boxes that can break as soon as the ball touches. Therefore, you need to move out of there immediately, if you don't want to fall out.